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Vacation time...
yes the best time there is to relax or to be busy.. which ever I always intend to
make fun, where ever I am. Below you can see and read about my travels.. have fun.

Afrika 2010
A trip in the southern part Afrika which takes me from shouth aftika into namibia, botswana and a short stay in zambia with an even shorter visit to zimbabwe.   

Diving in Indonesia 2010
Went diving in Indonesia, near Bunaken.
Great underwater views, nice currents and wonderful people.

Zuid Amerika 2009 2010
Light A trip to South America. going from the West to the East, visiting Chili, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Basil.   

Egypte & Jordanie 2009
A quick trip to Egypt and Jordan.
Complete with pyramids, temples, Petra and lots and lots of sand!
classic - The Treasury at Petra   

Ecuador 2008
Light A quick trip to Ecuador show how diverse this country is
climbing snowy mountains to 5000m, and the next day your swiming and fishing on a sunny beach .

Laos Vietnam Cambodia 2007
this year I spend some time in a couple of countries in asia.
Looking at the beautifull Laos, the crazy traffic in Vietnam and the wonders of Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom in Cambodia.
Sunset in Laos   

Costa Rica 2006
wow jup, i finaly went on vacation... people told me to go.. so i went.. and where did i go... Costa Rica! You can see the pictures here. There are not many comments but when there are comments they are in dutch, but then again most people that would be interrested in reading it... are dutch.   

New Zealand / Australia 2004-2005
2 months in beautifull New Zealand and Australia, its just incredible there... I made a lot of pictures and kept a log of my activities. You can see the pictures and read all about my time there here. . A waterfall in the milford sound   

Canada 2003
sulphur mountain top
Jup, that where I went in 2003, beautifull canada,
I took quite a few pictures there, i believe its 2 cd's of pictures,
want to see some of them? click here.

Guillestre 2002
rafting in guillestre France, Guilleste, close to italy, a nice place to try some mountains or rivers again I took pictures, but i don't have any comment with them, wanna have a look?, click here to see them.

Usa 2001
ah, the westcoast of the usa, what a great vacation I took some pictures of the time we were there,
wanna have a look?, click here to see the archive.
having fun in San Fransisco

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